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"Working with Phil was great. One of the best photographers I have worked with, he made the shoot really fun and made everyone feel really comfortable which made the process more collaborative and more enjoyable. Would highly recommend working with Phil - for inexperienced and/or professional models."


Sarah Guy - @sarah.guyy
Dancer and Model


"Thank you for making me feel relaxed and comfortable for my first swimwear shoot. I was so scared before the shoot but your friendly and professional attitude really relaxed me and I'm so excited about the amazing images we created."


Akira - @akiraisola


"The photos that Phil and I have created together are some of the most popular photos that I've ever posted and constantly outperform on social media. Since Phil and I started working together I've gained over 3,000 Instagram followers and gained massive amounts of engagement, which was amazing. Phil is so easy to work with, gives helpful direction, super respectful and always takes your ideas and works with them to get the best possible results and he's great for a laugh or two. Highly recommend!"




"Working with Phil was absolutely amazing! The photos were edited so quickly and beautifully that I was blown away. The shoot was so fun and he made everything feel super comfortable, 100% one of the best photographers I've ever worked with. I would definitely recommend shooting with Phil, the opportunity is a blessing to say the least!"


Georgia Kelly - @georgiakelly


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